What are the 100 jobs of the future?

A new report published by Deakin University and created in conjunction with Ford Australia and Griffith University has sought to outline the 100 jobs of the future. The research project specifically looked at the future of work in an increasingly technologically-driven society and has explored major trends and changes in key industries. Specific to agriculture, […]

Funding subsidies available for students!

RuralBiz Training has published a compilation of subsidies available to agricultural students that will cover either a full qualification or a cluster of units (part qualification). In Tasmania, the Train Now Fund is designed to support businesses and existing workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Subsidies may cover up to 100% of the course fee.  You can […]

Entries for the 2020 RAID Blog Competition now open

Researchers in Agriculture for International Development (RAID) are looking for entries for their 2020 blog competition that address the topic “This is what ag R4D is for me.” Each year, Australian scientists work together with farmers, entrepreneurs, governments, NGOs, researchers, and universities in developing countries to find solutions for agricultural challenges, working towards more sustainable […]

Why work in agriculture?

We’ve heard it all before. “Farming is stuck in the dark ages! Farmers don’t use technology!” “You can’t make money farming! It’s an unskilled workforce!” “Farming is a boys club!” The reality to most commonly held beliefs about farmers and agriculture is that they’re simply not true. Farmers use more technology than most other professionals […]

Free ‘Growers as Innovators’ Virtual Workshop – RSVP Required!

GRDC and Farmers2Founders are hosting two ‘Growers as Innovators workshops in May. These workshops are free and will allow participants to: Meet other producers working on new business and product ideas. Get feedback and support on commercialising your product or invention. Discuss what are some of the challenges and opportunities you see for grain producers […]