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Discover exciting careers in the cotton industry


The Australian cotton industry encourages new people to join the industry who have a passion to innovate, work collaboratively, and help clothe and feed our growing population in a more sustainable way.

Australian grown cotton is globally known for its high-quality lint and sustainability credentials. The Australian cotton industry’s work force is critical to sustaining the industry’s competitive advantage. Innovative, resilient, and adaptive people, businesses and communities are crucial to the future success of the industry.

Cotton is grown in 40 rural local government areas, mostly in New South Wales and Queensland. In a good year, the Australian cotton industry provides employment for more than 10,000 people industrywide and generates between $1 and $3 billion per year in export earnings, depending on the season.

Head to the COTTON AUSTRALIA Careers Page for more info and practical tips on how you can get started on a career in cotton. 

What jobs are there in cotton?

The Australian cotton industry’s work force includes on-farm labour, as well as the service industry and supply chain, which represents an extensive network of input and advisory providers that support cotton farmers (such as agronomists, researchers, consultants, agribusiness and state government agencies).

Cotton careers can be grouped into seven categories:

  1. Policy
  2. Education and Training
  3. Research
  4. Farming and Finance
  5. Extension and Advisory Services
  6. Communication
  7. Technologies and Trade

Each of these categories have different focus areas and pathways, and shows that the industry needs people with a huge range of skills and knowledge.

Celebrating the Remarkable Women of Mungindi


In the heart of southwest Queensland, Mungindi quietly thrives as a cotton-growing community, and the women who call it home contribute in remarkable yet unassuming ways. To mark International Women’s Day, Cotton Australia have produced a series of videos that spotlight these accomplished individuals who, in their unique ways, contribute to the prosperity of their town and the broader rural landscape.

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