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Nurturing Careers in Food and Fibre: New Careers Resources

It’s no secret that Australia’s primary industries are an important part of our lives. From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, we could not survive without our food and fibre sector.

Recognising the importance of these industries, the National Careers Institute (NCI) has created a new suite of resources. These resources show the range of careers available in the primary industries. The NCI’s Career Mapping Project is part of the Australian Government’s AgATTRACT measures.

What resources are available?

Thanks to funding from the Australian Government, the NCI recently launched an agriculture landing page on Your Career. This page features:

  • New content, beyond farm-based careers
  • More education and training information
  • Added support information
  • Wage information and other relevant data

Additionally, NCI has created several videos and career case studies. These aim to highlight food and fibre careers and the everyday Australians working in these industries.

These profiles include:

Jenny Hughes, Education Manager at Cotton Australia

Her advice to people unsure about their career path, or interested in joining the food and fibre sector:

“Try to get work experience. There’s a couple of really good programs around Cotton Australia supports, like the National Farmers’ Federation AgCAREERSTART. There are also other programs for people under 25 (without) skills or previous requirements, just a willingness to work in the industry. 

Get in and do experience somewhere. The time between leaving high school and before uni starts is the perfect time to get a 3-month job.”

Caitlin Radford, Farm Manager and Equestrian Coach from Tasmania

How she would describe agriculture to someone who has never worked in the industry:

“I’d say that you’re never bored. You’re helping to feed the world. The world can’t survive without food, and food comes from agriculture. It’s a very feel-good industry and very satisfying to work in.”

Why have these resources been created?

In 2022, NCI commissioned research that surveyed industry, workers and employers in order to inform careers information and increase awareness and attractiveness of careers in the primary industries.

The research uncovered several points:

  • Agricultural careers information is outdated.
  • Stereotypes of farming and farmers are shaping external perceptions of the industry.
  • Careers information needs to address changes in the industry and the need for specialists.
  • People need greater awareness of careers and career progression. This will help shift outdated perceptions.

What next?

NCI will continue to use the information collected to improve careers information on Your Career. It will make careers in agriculture more appealing to a wider audience.

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