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Careers in Grain

Careers in Grain

There are many career opportunities in the thriving grain industry! Discover GRDC’s ‘day in the life’ videos and role descriptions below. 

Day in the Life of a Grain Producer – Denise McLellan

Day in the Life of a Grain Producer – Fiona Marshall

Discover jobs in grains

Agronomist Manager
Agronomist - Research
Agronomist - Sales
Bushfire Scientist
Commodity Trader
Crop Farmer
Environmental Scientist
Farm Manager/Owner/Overseer
Grain Handler
Grain Inspector
Grain Marketer
Grain Mill Worker
Grain Sampler
Grain Services Manager
Insurance Broker
Plant Nutritionist
Plant Scientist
Research Scientist
Soil Scientist
Stock and Station Agent
Stockfeed Miller
Storage and Hygiene Officer