• Chasing your passion

    We love encouraging students to study agriculture, we carry on all the time about how you really can help the world – you neighbourhood, your state, your country. This is a fantastic article about a ‘townie’ named Sam and the barriers he came up against to study ag, and how passion about feeding a growing… read more

  • 8 tips to get into ag research for international development

    Many students are interested in international aid, helping the world beyond the borders of Australia. At Career Harvest we like to encourage students to consider studying agriculture as a fantastic means of helping developing nations. How does this work? Here’s a blog at Researchers in Agriculture for International Development (RAID) with some tips on how… read more

  • That’s an ag job – but what does an Agribusiness Analyst DO?

    There are so many jobs available in the food and fibre industries, we have heaps listed on this site. But what are these jobs? What do people actually do on a daily basis? We have contacted some recent grads to talk about studying and finding their first jobs and ask them what it is they… read more


    • Career Harvest to Grow with Food & Agribusiness Solutions

      The Australian Council of Deans (ACDA) has announced that Food & Agribusiness Solutions (FAS) have acquired the management rights for the highly successful food and fibre industry career pathway program and online portal Career Harvest. Career Harvest was established in 2012 following the formation of a Board consisting of representatives of the ACDA and industry… read more

    • Future of farming – an exciting field of study!

      Think there’s nothing new in agriculture? Check out this article about innovative and practical research that is going on NOW and will change the face of farming – how exciting!! Study ag and you too can be achieving the things these amazing people are. And check out how many different agriculture jobs featured in just… read more

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