Hort Innovation Internship Program

Value: $8,000
Status: Open

Horticulture Innovation Australia (Hort Innovation) has identified a need to build capacity in people in the horticultural industry to ensure the development of leaders for the industry in the future. The two key objectives of this program are to:

  1. Increase graduate interest in careers across the Australian horticulture sector.

Build a new pool of industry leaders and create networks of young professionals to drive further innovation across the sector.

The program has two phases for students:

Phase 1 is a scholarship ($8000 per student) which will allow selected students to target internships in the horticultural industry which may otherwise be constrained by financial cost. The scholarship funds may be used for travel, accommodation and  living expenses to support the final year of study and internship placement within the horticultural industry.  The internship must be horticulture focused, relevant to the module of university study and compliant with the university requirements.

Phase 2 supports the uptake of high quality graduates into the horticultural industry with Hort Innovation providing co-investment to support the first year salary and to support participation in a five day industry leadership training program to encourage the development of future leaders.