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Primary Industries Education Foundation (PIEFA) wants your feedback to enhance Career Harvest

Recently the Primary Industries Education Foundation (PIEFA) has partnered with the Deans of Agriculture to take over the operation and further development of Career Harvest.

PIEFA is collaboration between industry, government and educators to promote primary industry education. PIEFA is helping the community to understand and value the food and fiber industries.

PIEFA provides professional development for educators and resources to teachers through Primezone.

Each year Career Harvest attracts more than 20,000 individual users. Many are seeking information about courses, internships and employment options. By building on the work of the Deans of Agriculture, we want to make Career Harvest the go to site for food and fiber career information.

We welcome your input to make this happen. We are currently updating the site and we want to know what information is useful to you? What can we do better?

What devices do you use to access Career Harvest? Would having the latest labour market information on the site help you with your next career decision?

If you are an employer or a Primary Industries stakeholder – and that’s all of us – what do you want Career Harvest to highlight?

And if you are a researcher in the sector let us know how your research may lead to future career opportunities.

Over the next decade or so the Asian region will be become central to global economic growth. Together with demographic change, population growth and technological advances the planet faces unique challenges. As a consequence, the Primary Industry sector may provide some of the interesting and challenging problem to work on and employment opportunities.

For example, the primary industries sector is strengthening their sustainability and environmental credentials and as a consequence new opportunities are arising to apply technological and practical solutions to complex problems. Boutique industries are emerging that seek to feed and clothe not only Australia but also niche areas throughout the world. New initiatives are driving change.

Over the next 12 months you will see several changes to the Career Harvest based on your input and feedback. Please contact us with your ideas here.

Ben Stockwin