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CH students take over AgriVictoria!

We were so pleased to send 18 students to the recent AgriVictoria Summit in Melbourne.

The inaugural AgriVictoria Summit focussed on international opportunities for Victorian agriculture, and our students reported back there was a strong focus on Asia.

The role of culture on international demands on Australian export. Universal branding, respective supply #AgriVictoria @CareerHarvest – Hannah (via Twitter)

Jemma, Hannah and Emma from Latrobe Uni at AgriVictoria

Jemma, Hannah and Emma from Latrobe Uni at AgriVictoria

The summit was targeted at producers and industry professionals, but at a catch up with Career Harvest partner RASV, we identified the fantastic opportunity to expose food and fibre students to the issues and opportunities. Sending students to events like this cements their enthusiasm for the industry, exposes them to some of the advances and opportunities available and identifies issues they may be interested in, as well as providing fantastic networking opportunities.

What is your brand message? Where can Victoria play a role in the national brand? #agrivictoria @AgriVictoria @CareerHarvest – Jemma (via Twitter)

The University of Melbourne, Latrobe University and Marcus Oldham were invited to nominate students to attend, some of whom sat an exam in the morning before attending the rest of the event.

It was wonderful watching the social media feed during the day, certain speakers and sessions ringing true with many of the students. It was also great to see industry appreciating the presence of so many young faces.

The opportunity to attend the inaugural AgriVictoria summit was a great experience and one that I’m very thankful to Career Harvest for providing.  Being able to listen to leading professionals in the agriculture sector speak on a variety of issues really helps students like myself to better grasp the scope of the industry and the countless opportunities that are available. – Callum

Callum, Sophie and Nick from Melbourne Uni at AgriVictoria

Callum, Sophie and Nick from Melbourne Uni at AgriVictoria

We are passionate about firing the enthusiasm of students for this fantastic industry – if you are running or attending an event you think would be great for some students to attend, contact us!

Great information for producers on attracting outside investors. Good focus on how to be ready to take on an investor, choosing the right investor for your business, as well as effectively planning exit strategies to suit both the needs of the investor and the investee.

I really liked the way that many of the speakers talked about trade with China needing to be customer and market focused. Accordingly supply chains and production methods need to be focused around customer and market expectations so that customers in China are receiving products that are the right quality and the right price to suit their expectations and demand. – Angus