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Regional Banking/Relationship Manager

A management role that has highly visible market presence and will guide the relationship/banking managers so they establish strong profiles in their respective markets.

Alternative Titles

District Manager, Regional Agribusiness Manager, Senior Manager, Senior Manager Food & Agribusiness, Senior Manager Business Banking


  • Authority to approve credit and valuation, or authority to delegate credit approvals.
  • Responsible for the control and direction of regional unit capital, operating budgets, regional lending targets and accounts for variations.
  • Continually manage the relationships between the company and its existing client base.
  • Foster and develop marketing relationships with growers.
  • Identify opportunities on a daily basis and secure budget throughput levels by offering a range of products and service alternatives to the team
  • Manage a team of business banking managers, ensure they reach set objectives and comply with company standards
  • Responsible for staff recruitment and performance
  • Set targets for new business
  • May also prepare complex lending submissions.