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Policy Advisor

Advise on legislative or social issues affecting the environment or industry to improve internal and external company understanding.

Alternative Titles

  • Government Relations Manager
  • Government/Stakeholder Relations Advisor


  • Analyse existing policies and legislation to identify anomalies and out-of date provisions
  • Assess financial implications and fairness of policies
  • Prepare briefing papers and recommendations for policy implications for stakeholders
  • Monitor policy to ensure appropriate and timely policies are implemented and measured
  • Monitor regulatory plans and timelines, liaise with government and stakeholders to ensure adherence to policy guidelines
  • Assist with lodgement of submissions and liaise with government authorities to ensure positive and timely outcomes
  • Manage development and expansion of research, development and stakeholder project programs
  • Develop excellent relations with industry bodies, government and regulatory authorities and participate in activities to influence policies and decisions relating to the industry

Personal Requirements

  • communication skills
  • computer skills
  • analytical skills
  • attention to detail
  • organisational skills
  • work as part of a team