Career Harvest is a one-stop shop for prospective students to discover rewarding careers.

There are a wide range of jobs, both in Australia and overseas, that graduates within agriculture and agribusiness industries can make meaningful contributions to. Current challenges and opportunities available to graduates include feeding the world, adapting to climate change, managing the environment, operating profitable markets, managing future energy sources, and maintaining biodiversity.



Career Harvest was created in 2011, thanks to a collaboration between the Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture (ACDA) and various bodies across the agriculture and education industries.

Career Harvest was relaunched in 2012, by the ACDA along with Rimfire and communications specialist redhanded Communications Group.

In late 2017 the Primary Industries Education Foundation (PIEFA) partnered with the Deans of Agriculture to take over the operation and further development of Career Harvest.

PIEFA is collaboration between industry, government and educators to promote primary industry education. PIEFA is helping the community to understand and value the food and fiber industries.