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New Opportunity: Future Farmers Network’s Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) real-time training program

The Future Farmers Network is recruiting four of their financial members to participate in the Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) real-time training program.

This program will see their four chosen members raising awareness of FMD in Nepal over one week.

Raising general awareness of FMD is an important objective of this program and the Department expects that participants will share their learning with other stakeholders (eg. farmers, veterinarians, industry bodies) after the course. Activities may include, but are not limited to, print media and radio interviews, presentations and training courses, distribution of the course report, informal discussions with stakeholders, development of posters and other materials.

Entry Requirements

  • Applicants must be financial members of Future Farmers Network
  • Applicants should have experience conducting presentations and/or workshops, radio interviews and other public speaking, social media, and developing printed and/or digital communication material
  • Applicants must actively work in the farming industry and see large numbers of livestock as part of their work
  • Applicants must be available for the course dates detailed above
  • Applicants are to record a 2 minute video addressing the following question:

Why does Australia need to invest in Biosecurity and FMD training?

  • Applicants must upload video to content sharing platform of choice and the send the link, plus a 100 word bio on themselves and their involvement in the livestock industry, to FFN via admin@futurefarmers.com.au. The content must be in a format that is shareable by FFN on social media.

Applications close 5pm Friday 23 August 2019, so be quick!