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    Crop Farmer

    Job Titles Cotton Grower Flower Grower, or Floriculturist Fruit or Nut Grower Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Grower Grape Grower Mixed Crop Farmer Sugar Cane Grower Turf Grower Vegetable Grower Other Crop Farmers Tasks planning and coordinating the production and marketing of crops, such as grain, cotton, sugar cane, fruit and nuts, vegetables, turf and flowers, […]

    Boner and Slicer

    Alternative Titles Slaughterer Tasks operating switching controls to direct and drop carcasses and meat cuts from supply rails to boning tables cutting meat to separate meat, fat and tissue from around bones washing, scraping and trimming foreign material and blood from meat cutting sides and quarters of meat into standard meat cuts, such as rumps, […]

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