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Future of farming – an exciting field of study!

Think there’s nothing new in agriculture? Check out this article about innovative and practical research that is going on NOW and will change the face of farming – how exciting!!
Study ag and you too can be achieving the things these amazing people are. And check out how many different agriculture jobs featured in just one article (not to mention the ag journalist and photographer that filed the story):

  • Ag Engineer
  • Biosecurity Expert
  • Mechatronic Enginner
  • Plant Pathologist
  • Food Expert
  • Precision Ag Expert

In a shed near Toowoomba, researchers at the University of Southern Queensland are developing the tools and techniques they think will dominate farming practice by 2025.

The Institute for Agriculture and the Environment executive manager Kevin Norman said the University of Southern Queensland had invested $30 million in its agriculture research programs.

“There’s some really exciting things coming on … real world practical solutions that we can deliver to our farmers,” he said.

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