Career Harvest is for prospective students, those considering a change in careers, and anyone interested in seeing what a wide range of careers are available within the agriculture and agribusiness industries.

Who is this website for?

Now, more than ever, these industries present a variety of opportunities besides those typically associated with farming. For example, there are many careers in biotechnology, engineering and finance fields that are available within the agricultural industry.

What information does Career Harvest have?

Career Harvest has information on what careers are available and the pathways to get there.  Pathway information includes what skills and education are required for different positions and where students can find more information about education opportunities.  Career Harvest also has testimonials from people working in their chosen careers.

What is an agricultural job?

An agricultural job can be any position that is involved with the production of food, feed or fibre at some level.  From the genetics involved in plant breeding to trading grain in the global grain export market, or designing the efficient use of water systems, agricultural jobs are many and varied.

Do you have to live in a rural area to work in agriculture?

No, there are many jobs based in metropolitan areas, as well as regional and rural areas.  Educational providers are also located in metropolitan and regional areas and many provide online services, eliminating the need to attend classes at a specific location.  Some graduates choose to seek international postings or pursue travel within Australia and overseas.

Do you have to have an agricultural background to study or work in agriculture?

No, people from all backgrounds can bring useful contributions to the industry.

What qualifications do I need for a career in agriculture?

Qualifications are career specific.  Career Harvest lists pathways to every career listed, including what qualifications are needed.

What does the future hold for jobs in agriculture?

Future trends within the agricultural industry are for an increased need for highly trained and skilled personnel, an increase in the use of technology and an increase in advisory positions. Agricultural output and productivity growth are expected to continue to increase as the world’s population reaches an estimated 9 billion by 2050. Challenges and opportunities available to agricultural graduates will also include adapting to climate change, managing the environment, operating profitable markets, managing future energy sources, and maintaining biodiversity.

Is Career Harvest a job vacancy site?

No, currently Career Harvest does not provide a job vacancy board.  What Career Harvest does provide is information to help you choose a career and how to pursue it.

Can Career Harvest give me personal career advice?

Career Harvest is in the process of setting up a mentor program, which will eventually allow for personal career advice.  This service is not available yet.

Tips when applying for an internship.

While specific internships may have their own requirements, we have surveyed some of our partners and gathered together some general tips to keep in mind when writing your cover letter and sending your resume.

you may not have any relevant work experience, that’s the reason for the internship in the first place! However, include a sentence or two about why you are interested in the field.
In your cover letter, show that you have researched the company, mention the company name, suggest a reason why you are interested in working with them
Some companies have branches or offices in many locations, specify if you have a preference as to where you would like to work, if you don’t have a preference, state that too
Most importantly, tailor your application to the internship, don’t send a generic cover letter

I’d like to find out about a specific occupation. Can I get this information from Career Harvest?

Yes, by going to the Search for a Career section midway down the homepage on the right hand side, and typing in the name of a specific occupation you can find a description of the job, the tasks involved, personal requirements and qualifications.

I’d like to find out about courses. How can Career Harvest help me?

Within the description of each career Career Harvest provides links to the education providers who offer these service.

I’d like to get a scholarship. Can Career Harvest help me?

We have more than 250 scholarships listed on the site, visit the scholarships section to view available scholarships.

I want to change my job. Can Career Harvest help?

Career Harvest can provide information to help you find a new career.  The best way to search for a new career if you know what type of discipline you’re interested in is to go to careers tab.  From there, a list of career options will be presented and you can look through the job titles available.

How can I contact Career Harvest?

Contact within Career Harvest occurs through social media channels.  By logging into your account through either Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn you can leave messages, ask questions and receive up to date information from Career Harvest. You can also use this form to send us an enquiry.

What does a mentor do?

Career Harvest aims to provide a mentoring program in the near future.  This program will match career seekers with a mentor in the field they are interested in.

How do I get a mentor in my chosen field?

When the mentor program is running, we’ll update Career Harvest with this information.

How do I become a mentor?

Please contact Career Harvest.