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Enter the AgriEducate Essay Competition

Did you know that there are over 1.6 million Australians involved in the Australian agricultural industry and that Australians directly feed around 75 million people globally, and if you include our shared knowledge, almost 400 million?

The agricultural industry in Australia and around the world comprises such a diverse mix of professions and careers. Yet many around Australia aren’t aware of how much their degree-specific knowledge and line of work could help improve the environment, feed people and increase sustainability, all through the pathway of agriculture. Furthermore, an interdisciplinary approach to agriculture is essential in the modern, connected world.

To help bridge this gap between the opportunities and the awareness of said opportunities, AgriEducate has launched an interdisciplinary essay competition aimed at enabling tertiary students to apply their degree-specific knowledge to an essay topic concerning agriculture and food security.

There are five different categories covering the five broad faculty academic areas:
1. Science
2. Engineer/IT/Maths
3. Arts/Social Sciences/Agricultural Extension
4. Law
5. Economics/Commerce/Business

Each category has a $500 first prize, $150 second prize and a $50 third prize. Students must write and submit a 1000 essay before entries close on the 31st May 2018. This will encourage students to think laterally about how their chosen area of study relates to agriculture and how they might help solve food security, productivity and sustainability issues for generations to come.

Please visit https://agrieducate.com.au/essay-competition or contact agrieducate@gmail.com.au for more information.