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Dairy scholarships announced

TWO budding University students were awarded scholarships at the Australian Dairy Leaders Luncheon in Melbourne today.

Matthew DeCicco from Merrigum was awarded the inaugural Bill Pyle dairy scholarship and will begin studying veterinary science at Charles Sturt University at Wagga Wagga NSW this year.

Ocean Grove’s Monique McMahon-Hide, won the inaugural Doug Weir dairy industry scholarship.

She became involved in the dairy industry through the Cows Create Careers program and will study animal science at La Trobe University.

Dairy representatives from across the industry gathered at the Gardiner Foundation lunch today, which also included presentations from Bega Cheese executive chairman Barry Irvin and Consultancy firm Port Jackson Partners director Angus Taylor.

Mr Taylor completed a report called Greener Pastures: The Global Soft Commodity Opportunity for Australia and New Zealand for ANZ bank.

He told the crowd there were six main points to ensure Australia agriculture was able to take advantage of rising soft commodity demand.

Some of these points included: strong access to natural and human resources, sufficient access to capital, affective adoption of knowledge, research and development, exposure to high value markets and opening the customer base as well as a robust and cost competitive supply chain.

Source: Simone Smith, The Weekly Times http://www.weeklytimesnow.com.au/article/2013/02/12/560041_dairy.html