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Logistics Coordinator

Daily management of freight quotations, transport provider contracts, on site pickup, stock overflow and direct-to-port or customer delivery management.

Alternative Titles

Freight Coordinator, Transport Coordinator, Freight Service Coordinator, Logistics Supervisor


  • Supervise logistics operations including road, rail and coastal shipping transportation to develop least cost supply chain strategies, short and long-term
  • Record and report logistics performance, both financial and service performance.
  • Document the inbound movement/outturn of raw materials to the mill/plant.
  • Supervise the execution of effective administrative processes for freight and storage.
  • Ensure invoices/receipts meets stock/goods contracted and comply with company audit procedures and standards.
  • Document logistics measures for performance benchmarking as required
  • Supervise the logistics team and report on performance
  • Ensure contracts and logistics management comply with company audit procedures and standards.