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Forestry Officer

Work in a Forestry or Plantation Management team where they may treat weeds, conduct erosion and sediment control, clear trees and collect and process seeds.


  • Develop knowledge, skills, and understanding of bushfire management
  • Develop bushfire management theories and practices
  • Study the biological, environmental and social factors of forest fire management
  • Increase knowledge and analytical capabilities for bushfire management

Personal Requirements

  • communication skills
  • observational skills
  • enjoy science
  • problem solving skills
  • analytical skills
  • enjoy research
  • ability to work alone or as part of a team


Forestry Officer
Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science, Australian National University

I currently manage the urban fox baiting program, whale issues, the multi- million dollar Harbour Scenic Walk project, three volunteer groups and 70ha of harbourside bush at Dobroyd Head (near Manly) for the Area. I gained operational experience with fire, pest management, GIS and project management as a Harvest Planner/Operations Officer with Forestry Tasmania and FNSW.”

What they like about the job: Planning and implementing tangible projects with visible outcomes. Turning around and saying I did that!

Why they chose this career: An affinity with the land and people.”