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Forestry Engineer

Plan and design road and forestry harvesting activities including road design, construction, modification, and performance and maintenance of equipment and machinery.


  • Provide specialist knowledge for establishment, planning and overall management of forest plantations
  • Provide specialist knowledge in GIS forestry operations (such as coordinating mapping processes through field data capture and reporting), regeneration, environmental planning, growth and yield analysis
  • Develop working relationship with community, local shires and other regulatory bodies
  • Assist with preparation of plantation development ‘consents’ in a timely manner including liaising with the relevant state and local government authorities. This may include the preparation of subdivision applications
  • Monitor compliance of forestry activities with regard to statutory requirements and codes
  • Provide reports to inform management of plantation design, layout and map production and supply
  • Participate in fire prevention and suppression activities
  • Undertake other tasks as directed including health and safety and fire management activities

Personal Requirements

  • enjoy working outdoors
  • computer skills
  • supervisory skills
  • problem solving and mathematics skills
  • organisational skills
  • work independently and as part of a team