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Forest Technical Officer

Undertake forestry operations involving planting, management and harvesting of trees.

Alternative Titles

  • Forestry Technician


  • Supervise forest establishment and maintenance work
  • Undertake or supervise seed harvesting, propagation or cultivation of young trees
  • Select trees for felling and supervise logging operations to ensure compliance with forest policies and programs
  • Monitor the outbreak of pests, weeds and diseases and supervise their control
  • Set up or assist with field trials associated with research projects and forest growth studies
  • Collect and preliminary process data from trials and experiments
  • Measure trees for forest data inventory
  • Enforce fire prevention regulations
  • Issue licences and permits to the public for recreation and for the collection of some forest products
  • Supervise staff

Personal Requirements

  • problem solving skills
  • like working outdoors
  • communication skills
  • enjoy science and the environment
  • planning skills
  • work independently
  • computer skills
  • management and organisation skills