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Farm Manager/Owner/Overseer

Manage farm operations including livestock management, crop cultivation, fruit and vegetable production and other agricultural enterprises.


Crop Production
Perform annual tasks to grow a wide variety of crops such as grains, oilseeds, sugar cane, cotton, fruits, and vegetables.

Livestock Production
Manage the breeding and raising of a wide range of animals including beef and dairy cattle, sheep, pigs, horses and poultry.


  • Prepare or assist with preparation of annual forecasts, budgets and other business plans
  • Recruit, supervise and ensure the ongoing training of farm staff
  • Maintain production and other farm records including the estimated operating costs, ordering of farm inputs, marketing of produce and monitoring of animal health and feeding requirements
  • Control costs of production in line with budget expectation
  • Produce crops and/or livestock to achieve volume, quality and cost objectives
  • Clean and maintain buildings, sheds, equipment and facilities to ensure health standards and high quality of produce
  • Ensure safe and effective handling of equipment
  • Undertake activities to minimise environmental degradation. Monitor environmental effects of farming activities and repair existing damage
  • Plan and organise marketing and sale of produce to achieve high returns

Crop Production

  • Select crop types and determine area to be sown
  • Conduct a wide range of farming operations including cultivation, sowing, spraying and harvesting

Livestock Production

  • Care and raise livestock for the production of meat, wool, milk and other animal products
  • Ensure good animal health is maintained through provision of adequate quality and quantity of pasture and other feed
  • Organise and conduct general farm activities including livestock control, pest management, shearing, milking and mating

Personal Requirements

  • planning skills
  • problem solving skills
  • work independently
  • computer skills
  • like working outdoors
  • communication skills
  • mechanical skills
  • enjoy working with animals
  • management and organisation skills

Piggery Manager Career Profile – Kristin Pearce