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Animal Nutritionist

An Animal Nutritionist undertakes research and advises on raw material product selection, maintenance feeding programs and modification of diets.


  • Educate individuals and groups on appropriate diets, product mix, dietary planning and preparation of fodder or food to treat illness or disease and/or to enhance and maintain optimum health and productive performance
  • Determine performance benchmarks and process as defined by regulatory and company policies
  • Advise on product development and marketing strategies and provide nutritional information to consumer market
  • Conduct and evaluate dietary studies and other fodder, food and nutrition-related research
  • Develop and administer food, fodder and nutrition policies as required
  • Monitor aspects of feed manufacturing and quality control
  • Consult with other nutritional professionals to manage dietary and nutritional needs of animals
  • Research alternative raw product inputs for desired minimum nutritional outcomes

Personal Requirements

  • like working with animals
  • communication skills
  • work independently and as part of a team
  • analytical and problem solving skills
  • organisational skills