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Agribusiness Consultant

Undertake specific internal projects relating to agriculture with accountabilities for project or product based deliverables.

Alternative Titles

  • Agribusiness Specialist
  • Agribusiness Specialist
  • Market Analyst
  • Senior Business Analyst


  • Work closely with other managers within a region to identify and develop new products and provide assistance to the business
  • Identify and develop new agribusiness opportunities through development of improved internal processes, new markets or new products in selected industries
  • Assist Manager in development of unit strategic direction, forecasts and target budgets
  • Provide specialist agribusiness knowledge to generalist managers when dealing with clients, including understanding of specific issues related to the industry niche (eg grain, dairy)
  • Conduct market research of agribusiness sectors, respond to information requests and participate in consulting projects
  • Provide support through both the sales and credit processes
  • Support credit function by way of evaluating viability of an enterprise, commenting on valuations and lending proposals

Personal Requirements

  • organisational skills
  • communication skills
  • problem solving skills
  • analytical skills
  • computer skills
  • negotiation skills