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Career Harvest invites students to find The Role of a Lifetime.


Addressing the labour shortage in the Australian Agriculture sector begins with students understanding that agriculture is more than farming and harvesting – it’s a science, a business and an art.

Career Harvest, an online career hub, plans to bring farming back into the spotlight and inspire a new generation of leaders in the food and fibre industry.

To launch the website, a video ‘The Role of a Lifetime’ has been created by redhanded Communications Group to highlight farmers aren’t the only role that contribute to feeding the worlds growing population.

Independent Chair of the Career Harvest Board, David Anthony said, “producers, growers and pastoralists are directly responsible for growing the food and fibre that feeds this world. However, there is much more that goes into getting the produce from paddock to plate”

“There are chemists, veterinarians, marketers, accountants, engineers and even entrepreneurs who all work to improve the efficiency of agricultural enterprises and build a sustainable industry for future generations.”

“This video is the first step in breaking down any misconceptions people may have about the agriculture industry. Testimonial video’s from agribusiness employers will then provide a direct contact for those interested in learning more about this great industry.”

Career Harvest is supported by over 40 industry organisations, demonstrating a united front to this very important issue facing the industry.

Visit careerharvest.com.au for more information.

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