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What inspires a career in ag?

I’m always interested in the reasons people became involved in their careers in agriculture. For those who grew up on the land you might think it’s obvious, they stuck with the family business. But as Rebecca Stacey’s story shows, there are many different jobs in agriculture and just about anything can inspire. you to choose your career path.

Below is the beginning of an article from the Stock and Land, the link is at the bottom to read more.

AN equine influenza outbreak in 2007 triggered Rebecca Stacey to kick-start a career in agriculture.

She vividly recalls being captivated by the effect of the disease, and the way animal movement was restricted afterwards.

“I just remember thinking ‘wow’ those diseases are fascinating,” she said.

Today the 25 year-old is an animal health officer with the Victorian government, working with a team of four in Ballarat.

Her day-to-day responsibilities encompass animal welfare, livestock traceability and disease surveillance – working with cattle, sheep and pigs.

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