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Study Vet, help farmers in Myanmar

‘I want to study food and fibre, my family thinks I’m going to be a farmer, but I want to help the world – what career can I have with a food or fibre degree?’

We say it all the time, a degree in agriculture, agribusiness, vet, animal science, plant science, the list goes on, but a degree in food and fibre can take you so many places. In 2015 we will bring you some interviews with recent graduates and find out what career they have found, what it is they actually do every day, and what they studied to end up where they are now.

We are busy lining up these interviews and will bring them to you shortly, but in the meantime we stumbled across Jenny’s blog entry at RAID Network. RAID is Researchers in Agriculture for International Development, an Australian-based network, bringing together students and early to mid-career scientists with an interest in agricultural research in developing countries.

This organisation is an example of how studying food and fibre, or ag, can help people in developing nations. Jenny is managing the ACIAR/ Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) research project for livestock in the dry zone of Myanmar (Burma). In her blog entry at RAID she says she studied vet at Charles Sturt University, she then worked at a vet clinic in Bacchus Marsh in Victoria before working with Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) in Canberra.

Jenny’s path is just one example how you really can go any place with a food and fibre degree!