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Set yourself up for life

lamb thumbnailPerhaps we’re preaching to the converted, but an article by Margie Sheedy in this weekend’s Australian Financial Review highlighted how desirable ag graduates are. The link is here if you have a subscription to the AFR, but we’ve included some of the most relevant quotes below.

Demand is booming for agricultural specialists. Agriculture is a complex, international business with excellent overseas and local career prospects, says Professor Mark Adams, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment at Sydney University.

“China is desperate for well-qualified agricultural postgraduates, as are India, Pakistan and Africa. There are also tremendous opportunities locally. Agriculture is interdisciplinary and the opportunities will always be there for those who build their critical thinking skills and layers of core knowledge. Having an agriculture postgraduate qualification is a chance to set yourself up for life.”

Yet it’s not just about farming.

“It is a very complex business and 45 per cent of our graduates are working in cities in areas such as grain trading and agricultural finance systems,” says Professor John Mawson, Head of the School of Agriculture and Wine Sciences at Charles Sturt University.’