WA Sheep Industry Business Innovation Scholarships

Application open: 01 Sep 2017
Application close: 31 Jul 2021,
Value: $38,000
Status: Open

Researchers and supervisors from Western Australian (WA) universities are invited to apply for WA sheep industry scholarships. The WA sheep industry scholarship program is designed to support and encourage individuals who wish to pursue further study by addressing key industry questions relevant to the sheep industry supply chain in Western Australia.

This initiative is part of the department’s Sheep Industry Business Innovation (SIBI) project, which aims to support the sheep industry to capitalise on growing markets for sheep products.The SIBI project recognises the value in supporting individuals to help solve industry relevant issues across the sheep supply chain through academic research. In addition the intention is to expose and excite students to choose a career in the agrifood supply chain demonstrating the value of postgraduate trained personnel to entities within the sheep industry, with a view to their long term employment.