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Weighbridge/Receivals Officer

Operator role responsible for the receival handling and use of electronic data capture systems to weigh and hand products delivered.

Alternative Tasks

Supervisor Weighbridge, Intake Quality Control Officer, Raw Materials & Production Scheduler, Bulk Handler


  • Control the loading of material or the operation of continuous feeding equipment such as pumps and conveyors
  • Check the operation of equipment visually, through gauges and instruments or through computer operated monitoring equipment
  • Control and adjust the operation of equipment
  • Inspect controls and equipment to identify wear/damage and arrange maintenance
  • Prepare shift operation reports, record breakdowns and levels of productivity
  • Operate central control or nominated facilities
  • Verify recorded transactions
  • May be required to do other clerical duties.


For this position, the skills required could have been developed through on the job training, previous work experience in other related roles or through vocational training.

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