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Warehouse Supervisor

Supervise staff and the management of stock in a store or warehouse.

Alternative Titles

Stores Supervisor, Senior Storeperson, Depot Manager, Warehouse Coordinator, Warehouse Foreman


  • Supervise warehousing functions, including staff management and stock control
  • Supervise store persons and warehouse workers in correct process and procedure of delivery, dispatch, receipt, unpacking, sorting, checking of stock/goods and maintenance of documentation
  • Maintain stocking levels to company standard, with authority to transfer stock in and out of a warehouse environment
  • May have responsibility to maintain stock records and check records against actual stock
  • May participate in the planning and operational procedures of the warehouse
  • Work closely with and under the discretion of a warehouse manager
  • Organise and manage casual workforce as required.


For this position, the skills required could have been developed through on the job training, previous work experience in other related roles or through vocational training.

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