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Rural Sociologist

Study development, structure, social patterns and interactions of groups and human societies in rural areas.


  • Observe and investigate social groups and subjects, such as family, community, education, industrial relations, crime, politics, minority and ethnic relations, poverty and mass communications
  • Investigate, collect and analyse data from qualitative and quantitative surveys
  • Record and interpret data
  • Write reports and journal papers for publication
  • Design surveys, undertake interviews, analyse and interpret information collected through investigative research
  • Live with communities under study to achieve better understanding of data being gathered

Personal Requirements

  • communication skills
  • observational skills
  • enjoy research
  • ability to work alone
  • work unsupervised
  • understanding of rural issues
  • be caring and understanding


A Rural Sociologist requires a suitable degree, available in courses such as arts, humanities and social science with a major in sociology. Most universities offer a suitable course. Researchers or academics usually require a masters or doctorate degree in the specialist field.

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