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Inventory/Stocks Supervisor

A supervisory role responsible for the reporting and management of physical and book value stock on hand.

Alternative Titles

Inventory Team Leader, Stock & Freight Coordinator, Stock Manager, Inventory Despatch Manager, Inventory Supervisor


  • Supervise input of stock figures, received either direct or by handling agents, to ensure up to date stock on hand reconciliation processes
  • Monitor the payment of storage and handling fees
  • Overall responsibility for adhering to occupational health and safety standards and setting company policy in regard to the movement of inventory and management of stock
  • Supervise, schedule and record inventory movement and assign associated value
  • Work closely with logistics, warehouse and purchasing management
  • Record raw material or commodity receival and storage in a production/processing business
  • Liaise with logistics staff regarding known issues relating to the ability/inability to move or store stock
  • Liaise with purchase/supply manager.


For this position, the skills required could have been developed through on the job training, previous work experience in other related roles or through vocational training.

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