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Field Officer

A field support function required for sample collection, sample analysis, information recording and looking after the practical tasks involved in field operations.

Alternative Titles

Field Rep, Field Technician, Classifiers.


  • Order, check, pack and dispatch equipment and supplies for field surveys
  • Collect, record and transport samples as per requirements of study
  • Collate information collected from a range of samples and carry out computer processing of the data
  • Assist with all aspects of supporting personnel in the field
  • Maintain equipment and supplies required for the operation of field studies
  • Undertake manual operations as required for specific task. For example the spraying of orchards, pests etc.


For this Position, the skills required to perform this role would have be developed through a combination of experience in a related role (unless the position is a graduate position) as well as a Tertiary Qualification in Science, Humanities or Commerce.


Tertiary Education Providers


Charles Sturt University

University of New England

The University of Sydney

University of Western Sydney


La Trobe

The University of Melbourne

South Australia

The University of Adelaide

Western Australia

Curtin University

The University of Western Australia


University of Tasmania


James Cook University

The University of Queensland

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