Career Harvest


Evaluate and manage quality, quantity, reliability and sustainability of all aspects of water resources.


  • Undertake groundwater resource investigation and assessment, salinity management, investigation of surface water – groundwater interaction and natural resource management.
  • Conduct technical work, monitoring financial and technical outputs according to project specifications
  • Prepare high quality reports and present results to clients
  • Prepare proposals on marketing strategies
  • Supervise and train staff
  • Develop new hydraulic models of watercourses
  • Interpret results from current hydrological tests and models

Personal Requirements

  • communication skills
  • organisational skills
  • enjoy working outdoors
  • observational skills
  • problem solving skills



A Hydrologist requires a degree in science or applied science majoring in hydrology, available at many universities. Research scientists or academics usually require a masters or doctorate degree in the specialist field.

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