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Cotton Grader

Classify cotton according to industry standards, employing knowledge of cotton fibre.

Alternative Titles

  • Cotton Classer


  • Determine character of fibres and separate products into appropriate lines for further processing
  • Grade and sort products according to industry standards such as strength uniformity, and cohesive quality to ensure correct processing and usage
  • Record grade and/or identification numbers of product samples examined
  • Examine product fibers through microscopes to determine maturity and spirality of fibres.

Personal Requirements

  • organisational skills
  • communication skills
  • high levels of energy and enthusiasm
  • capacity to work independently
  • problem solving skills
  • attention to detail


A Cotton Grader requires a vocational training and experience. For more information, please

For this Position, the skills required could have been developed through on the job training, previous work experience in other related roles and/or through specialised or vocation training.


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Specialist vocational training and further education are available through the following institutions;

Marcus Oldham Farm Management College

Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges

Longerenong College/Workco


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