Career Harvest


Professional role required to analyse, report and give advice on the financial dealings of division, associated record-keeping and compliance requirements.

Alternative Positions

Accountant – Grain, Networks, Compliance, Trading, International, Cost, Financial, Fixed Assets, Group, Investment, Management, Mill, Merchandise, Site, Statutory, Supply Chain, Systems, Wool.


  • Responsible for daily administration of financial and accounting practices of the company
  • Perform accounting duties as directed including budgeting and costing control
  • Responsible for costing and pricing of stock items, including in-progress and finished products
  • Responsible for calculating cost pricing of work in progress stock items
  • Assist management in preparing documentation for budgeting and financial reporting procedures
  • Analyse and report on project and product costing
  • Create production of daily and periodic cost statements.


For this Position, the skills required to perform this role would have be developed through a combination of experience in a related role (unless the position is a graduate position) as well as a Tertiary Qualification in Science, Humanities or Commerce.

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