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Commodity Trader

A role that requires the management of the physical and derivative position of the commodity being traded, customer account management and training of new traders.

Alternative Titles

Senior Merchant, Merchant, Senior Trader, Trader.


  • Buy and sell commodities from/to country elevators, producers, feed mills and processors
  • Evaluate proposed arbitrage and hedge opportunities for Australian and US commodities continually
  • Determine supply and demand, survey market conditions and analyse other economic forces in order to establish position in the market place
  • Initiate, negotiate and agree on terms of commodity purchase/sale contracts, such as price, quality, quantity, transportation, timing and payment
  • Arrange efficient, low-cost transportation of commodities from areas of surplus to areas of deficit
  • Plan purchases and transportation to maximise profitable use of stock and storage facilities
  • Ensure thorough and accurate follow-up, execution, and closure to all contracts
  • Communicate and interact with transportation and logistics, quality assurance, customer managers and credit manager to ensure efficient execution
  • Meet with suppliers and internal/external customers in order to maintain and develop customer relationships
  • Mentor Traders Assistants.


For this Position, the skills required to perform this role would have be developed through a combination of experience in a related role (unless the position is a graduate position) as well as a Tertiary Qualification in Science, Humanities or Commerce.


Tertiary Education Providers


Charles Sturt University

University of New England

The University of Sydney

University of Western Sydney


La Trobe

The University of Melbourne

South Australia

The University of Adelaide

Western Australia

Curtin University

The University of Western Australia


University of Tasmania


James Cook University

The University of Queensland

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