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Branch Manager – Retail/wholesale

Overall management of branch operations with accountability for sales, cash flow and staff.

Alternative Titles

Branch Manager, Branch Sales Manager, Manager/Proprietor, Sales Manager, Dealer Sales.


  • Act as principle representative of a branch, responsible for the operations, financial activities and performance of the branch
  • Accountable for the achievement of agreed objectives in sales and marketing as well as administrative functions
  • Maintain good relations with customers and suppliers, keeping head office advised of competitor activities.
  • Facilitate staff training as necessary in order to ensure smooth and efficient operations
  • May work closely with other managers within a region
  • Budgeting and forecasting responsibility
  • Responsible for business growth of the branch through new products, initiatives and increase in client business.


For this Position, the skills required could have been developed through on the job training, previous work experience in other related roles and/or through specialised or vocation training.


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