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Animal Technician

Animal technicians help veterinary, medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and general scientists and students to care for and check on animals used for research, breeding and scientific purposes.


  • perform daily checks and record the health status and behaviour of animals in their care
  • prepare food and water and provide care for laboratory, field or zoo animals
  • look after zoo exhibits, holding or breeding areas and equipment
  • assist in return-to-the-wild programs
  • carry out experiments using animals, recording the results under supervision and according to relevant codes of practice, and the organisation’s animal experimentation ethics committee rules
  • take samples of animal body fluids, faeces or tissue for analysis or veterinary inspection.



For this Position, the skills required could have been developed through on the job training, previous work experience in other related roles and/or through specialised or vocation training.


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Specialist vocational training and further education are available through the following institutions;

Marcus Oldham Farm Management College

Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges

Longerenong College/Workco


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