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Animal Health Inspector

Enforce law and educate public on prevention of cruelty to animals

Alternative titles

  • RSCPA Inspector
  • Animal Welfare Worker
  • Animal Welfare Officer


  • Investigate complaints of animal cruelty
  • Rescue animals that have been treated badly
  • Undertake inspections of properties and commercial operations
  • Educate people about the proper treatment of animals
  • Prepare cases for court hearings
  • Care and treat neglected animals
  • Re-home animals once they have recovered

Personal Requirements

  • like working with animals
  • communication skills
  • ability to work alone or as part of a team


For this Position, the skills required to perform this role would have be developed through a combination of experience in a related role (unless the position is a graduate position) as well as a Tertiary Qualification in Science, Humanities or Commerce.


Tertiary Qualification Providers

Charles Sturt University
University of New England
Sydney University
University of Western Sydney
Southern Cross University

University of Melbourne
La Trobe University

South Australia
University of Adelaide
Flinders University

Western Australia
Curtin University
University of Western Australia
Edith Cowan University
Murdoch University

University of Tasmania

University of Queensland
James Cook University
Central Queensland University
Griffith University
University of Southern Queensland

Australian National University


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