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Food & Agribusiness Solutions

Food and Agribusiness Solutions is a not-for-profit company which works with industry to address the priority of attracting, building and retaining workforce capability throughout the food and agribusiness value chain. We are founded on 11 years of skills and training services to industry and government by AgriFood Skills Australia Ltd and are governed by an independent professional board.

We understand that attraction, retention and development of the workforce is a high priority in a competitive workforce market. Many food and agribusinesses are located regionally which increases their workforce challenges. We have deep experience in assisting industry, local governments and regions to map and understand their workforce and skills needs.

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Can you bring big benefits to a small community?

At CommBank, our Regional and Agribusiness Banking team provides services to nearly 30,000 commercial and agribusiness clients located across Australia. Our focus is helping people, businesses and regional communities move forward, to make the right financial decisions and achieve their goals and aspirations. If you share our vision and values and want the opportunity to build your career with one of Australia’s most loved employers, visit and apply online today.

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For nearly 200 years, Westpac Agribusiness has shared a long and rich history and association with rural, remote and regional communities of Australia. Westpac Agribusiness is committed to sharing the journey with the industry and ensuring they are strongly supported and positioned for growth both now and into the future.
Our experienced Westpac Agribusiness teams live and work in your community and share your vision to see your business grow. We place an emphasis on relationships and know that in Agribusiness, these relationships are an important part of our customer’s business.
Talk to us today about how we can support you.

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PGG Wrightson Seeds

A truly national supplier of seed to Australia’s farmers, PGG Wrightson Seeds has a complete range of proprietary temperate, tropical and sub-tropical range of seeds to suit a wide range of pasture and cropping operations. In addition services such as seed coating to improve seed growth and our Envirogro® cleaning process for tropical and sub-tropical species ensures that we deliver improved seed quality to farmers.

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Kalyx provides an unparalleled level of independent, quality research to Australian Agriculture. With offices and experienced staff positioned strategically to the major broad acre and irrigated cropping belts of NSW, Vic, SA and WA, Kalyx is well placed to satisfy your research requirements. If you are a national or multi national organisation, government agency, agribusiness or grower group committed to agriculture in Australia, Kalyx can help. We provide centrally coordinated and managed research on a national scale. Kalyx provide a full range of contract research agricultural and horticultural services in all major winter and summer crops for our clients.

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Dow AgroSciences

Dow AgroSciences provide a range of products and services to meet the needs of their customers. Their research with strategic partners is bringing breakthrough and sustainable solutions to the industry such as:

Innovative hybrids and seed varieties
Crop-enhancing traits
Crop protection products
Post-harvest commodity protection
Vegetation management solutions
Residential pest control
Turf and Ornamental
Healthy Oils

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Australian Pork Ltd (APL)

APL is a unique rural industry service body for the Australian pork industry. It is a producer-owned company delivering integrated services that enhance the viability of Australia’s pig producers. The organisation aims to enhance opportunities for the sustainable growth of the Australian pork industry by delivering integrated marketing, innovation and policy services along the pork industry supply chain. APL pursues opportunities for the industry at both the domestic and international level.

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Allflex’s proven and trusted product range leads the industry in quality and innovation, with over 50 years of use in the field. Originally established to provide animal ID solutions for livestock producers, they continue to lead ID technology innovations for livestock industries worldwide.
Allflex is committed to the Australian livestock industry, providing solutions that effectively measure and manage livestock. With the largest sales and customer service teams of any animal ID company, they have systems in place to support you.
Allflex…Identify the Difference.

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Cargill Australia

Cargill Australia was established in 1967 to serve the country’s large grain export industry and has since extended its involvement into several other agricultural and industrial areas. These areas include oilseed and meat processing, grain and oilseed storage and flour milling. Cargill Australia headquarters is located in Melbourne.

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Emerald Group

Emerald Grain is a globally competitive grain trading, marketing, storage and handling company with a footprint in each of Australia’s key grain growing regions.
Since our beginnings in 2004, Emerald Grain has experienced significant growth. We have expanded to include grain marketing offices in 14 locations around Australia.
In 2010, Emerald strengthened its alliance with Sumitomo Corporation when it purchased 50% equity in Emerald.
Our supply chain capability includes 14 storage and handling facilities throughout the east coast of Australia and the Melbourne Port Terminal.

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Australian Farm Institute

The Australian Farm Institute has been created to carry out this strategic role on behalf of Australian farmers. The Institute’s founders recognised that in order to successfully develop and promote policies that will benefit farmers, it is essential that those policies are soundly based, and are supported by rigorous and objective research.

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Tractor and Machinery Association of Australia

The TMA was formed as a result of a need for industry to tackle many issues with one voice rather than to have a fragmented approach to issues such as OH&S and other legislative requirements that have been instituted over the years.
This approach of one voice has allowed the TMA to engage with many of the regulators to help shape changes to legislation in order to make these changes practical and commercial and thereby protecting the interests of the sellers and manufacturers of farm machinery without jeopardising the safety of the end user.
The TMA is proud of its achievements in the area of regulatory changes and safety standards and our members have adopted and embraced any changes that make farm machinery safer for the users and therefore avoiding and preventing accidents in rural Australia.

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Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW is a not-for-profit organisation that has been an influential force in the direction and development of Australian agriculture through competitions, education and events since its foundation in 1822.

In its role as an exponent for excellence in agriculture, the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW organises events, and competitions, acts as a guardian for the state's agricultural heritage, celebrates Australia's achievements in agriculture and works to promote the viability of rural communities by ensuring that Australia remains a thriving and innovative agricultural producer.

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Forest Wood Products Australia

Forest and Wood Products Australia Limited (FWPA) is a not-for-profit company that provides national, integrated research and development services to the Australian forest and wood products industry.

We are committed to helping the forest and forest products industry to be collaborative, innovative, sustainable and competitive against substitute products.

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AgLink is a private company acting as an umbrella organisation for a group of 23 independent rural merchandise shareholders operating Australia wide in all agricultural segments.

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Syngenta Crop Protection Pty Ltd

Syngenta is one of the world's leading companies with more than 26,000 employees in over 90 countries dedicated to the purpose of bringing plant potential to life.

Through world-class science, global reach and commitment to our customers we help to increase crop productivity, protect the environment and improve health and quality of life.

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Dairy Australia

Dairy Australia is the national services body for dairy farmers and the industry. Our role is to help farmers adapt to a changing operating environment, and achieve a profitable, sustainable dairy industry.

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Ridley AgriProducts

Ridley provides vital products for primary food producers in the dairy, poultry, pig, beef, horse, laboratory, pet food, and aquaculture industries.
We are dedicated to developing partnerships with our customers and understanding their animals’ nutritional requirements, their product portfolios, production processes and systems, quality standards, and ultimately, their market environments. This is the foundation of our tailored animal nutrition solutions, systems, and technology, all of which work harmoniously together to help maximise the return on investment.

Our scientifically formulated complete feed rations, mineral concentrates, nutritional blocks, and supplements have been developed by Australia’s most experienced technical teams, and are designed for optimal animal health and performance.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing products from Australian ingredients that animals want to eat. Our products deliver the right nutrition to the animal at the right time, thereby delivering real results, every time.

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Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria

The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) is a member based organisation that promotes and celebrates agriculture through events which link industry with consumers. The RASV ultimately aims to improve the quality and increase demand for Victorian agriculture produce.

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Hassad Australia

Hassad Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian company that was established in November 2009 as Hassad Food Company's first overseas investment.

We are a committed investor in Australian agriculture in the long term and are building a leading company focused on excellence in food production.

The company's head office is in Sydney and its operations are fully managed and staffed by Australians.

Hassad Australia is an integral part of Hassad Food Company's vision to become a global food provider by growing, processing and supplying high quality food under a brand of excellence.

As an Australian company, we are bound by all Australian Legislation and Regulations, Foreign Investment Review Board requirements and operate according to international best practice corporate governance standards. All profits are taxed as an Australian Resident company.

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Bayer is a global enterprise with innovative, science-based products, which have improved quality of life around the world for 150 years.

Bayer employs over 1,000 people in Australia and New Zealand, and 112,000 people worldwide.

With an impressive track record, organisational stability, and a culture of social responsibility, Bayer offers the opportunity for caring, flexible and curious people to do interesting and challenging work across a diverse range of products and customers.

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Auscott Limited

Auscott Limited was founded in 1963 by the J.G. Boswell Company of California. The company's first operation was a 2,800 hectare (7,000 acre) property in the Namoi Valley near Narrabri in north-western NSW, Australia.
Today Auscott is one of Australia's leading grower-processors of cotton, playing a significant role in industry matters and organisations. As a vertically integrated agribusiness with production, ginning, classing, marketing and shipping capabilities for both its own production and that of other Australian cotton growers, Auscott enjoys a first class international reputation.
With efficient, well-maintained and modern ginning facilities, Auscott provides growers and buyers the highest standards and reliability of ginning, warehousing and shipping.

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Meat and Livestock Australia

Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (MLA) delivers marketing and research and development services for Australia's cattle, sheep and goat producers.
MLA creates opportunities for livestock supply chains from their combined investments to build demand and productivity.
Most of MLA's funding comes from transaction levies placed on the sale of livestock, with the Australian Government providing matched funding for levy investment in most R&D.
MLA provides services, tools and information that create tangible benefits for livestock producers that flow back to the farm gate.

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Heritage Seeds Pty Ltd

Our extensive range of seed species and varieties allow our customers to grow the most productive pastures to maximise farm output. As one of Australia's largest seed companies that is part of the worldwide ROYAL BARENBRUG GROUP, we have the extensive knowledge and expertise required to help drive farm productivity.

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Nufarm Seeds Pty Ltd

Nufarm has been based in Australia for more than 50 years and has worked alongside Australians to provide a wide range of top quality crop protection products.

Nufarm has an extensive team of agricultural and horticultural specialists who offer local know how and support that assists in delivering the results Australian farmers demand for their long-term sustainability.

Nufarm is the largest manufacturer of crop protection products in Australia with an extensive network of Regional Service Centres. These Regional Service Centres are based in key agricultural areas, which means Nufarm are storing products closer to you, enabling them to be on farm in the shortest possible time.

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Rural Finance Corporation

For over 65 years, we've fostered long-term agricultural prosperity by supporting young farmers and administering industry restructures, land restructures and productivity programs across Victoria.

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Horticulture Australia Pty Ltd

Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) is a not-for-profit, industry-owned company. It works in partnership with Australia's horticulture industries to invest in research, development and marketing programs that provide benefit to industry and the wider community.

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From a cast iron pipe manufacturer in Osaka, Kubota Corporation has grown into a highly successful multi national company employing over 15,000 people with turnover in the billions of dollars worldwide.

Kubota products have been distributed in Australia for over 30 years beginning with the introduction of compact four wheel drive tractors. Kubota's range of equipment is extensive and includes mowers, farm tractors, excavators, engines and generators.

From its new Melbourne Head Office and warehouse facility, Kubota distributes products all over Australia through over 140 authorised dealers.

Product support and parts supply is exceptional. Utilising the latest in on line ordering systems, parts can be quickly ordered and dispatched 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In fact, Kubota is an industry leader when it comes to parts availability and supply.

Kubota's dealer network includes a majority of long term dealers experienced in Kubota products and their applications. Customers with specific engine or generator requirements can access expert advice through Kubota Power Centre dealerships.

Kubota Australia also distributes quality farm and construction equipment lines including Krone hay equipment and Toku hydraulic hammers. These leading brand product lines benefit from Kubota's committed dealer network and Head Office product support.

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Virbac (Australia) Pty Ltd is a specialist animal health company with its core business in sheep and cattle products, veterinary pharmaceuticals and vaccines, a wide range of petcare products for dogs and cats, plus a broad range of products for horses.

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Rabobank Australia and New Zealand Group

Rabobank Australia & New Zealand is part of the world's leading food and agribusiness specialist bank, Rabobank. As one of Australasia's largest rural lenders, Rabobank plays an integral part and is a significant provider of corporate financial services to the food and agribusiness sectors in Australia and New Zealand.

Rabobank's success lies in its people and its structure which allows it to leverage its expert knowledge and global strength to deliver superior client relationships and value.

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South Pacific Seeds

South Pacific Seeds was established in 1986. It was founded by a group of former Yates Seeds employees. From the outset the company sought to specialise in servicing the Australian vegetable seed market as well as producing seed on a contract multiplication basis for a wide range of overseas seed houses.
SPS achieved early rapid growth in both of its core business units. This came about by servicing the domestic market needs with varieties adapted for the local market supported by an ongoing extensive trialling program. At the same time SPS extended its range of production crops grown and areas to cater for an increasing worldwide demand for quality seed production.
Following on from the success of the company’s Australian seed distribution business it was decided to apply the same business model in New Zealand. SPS commenced a new company in New Zealand in 1997. The result now is that SPS has become a leading supplier of commercial vegetable seeds in both countries.
As was the case of its seed supply business SPS was inspired by its success in Production to broaden its horizons to other locations. Such that now SPS has Seed Production companies in USA, New Zealand and Chile. The broad spread of areas means that SPS can virtually produce the full range of vegetable seeds.

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Observant Pty Ltd

Observant is an Australian owned company that designs, manufactures and distributes products and services for agricultural, urban and environmental water monitoring and management applications.

With its head office in Melbourne, Observant has been operating since 2003. Observant directly employs all staff involved in product design and development, customer service and support, and project management and implementation. Using regional resellers and project partners, Observant has developed an extensive distribution network throughout Australia.

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Pacific Seeds Pty Ltd

We are proud of providing a wide range of seed and seed technology solutions to our customers, both domestically and internationally.
Quality, targeted research over many years has resulted in the breeding, production and marketing of seeds, which fulfil the needs of farmers, industry and food manufacturers.

The Pacific Seeds Research team ensures the products are not only high yielding but also satisfy the needs of end users, making them more easily marketed.
Acceptance by all links in the production chain has resulted in Pacific Seeds' products success in a wide range of Australian and international markets. Pacific Seeds Australian bred varieties are market leaders in many crop types and countries.

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Haifa Australia

Haifa Group is an Israel-based multinational corporation and a global leading supplier of potassium nitrate for agriculture and industry, specialty plant nutrients and food phosphates. Renowned for its pioneering spirit and innovative solutions, Haifa was founded in 1966 by the Israeli government and under private ownership since 1989. Haifa's global operations span in over 100 countries across 5 continents with 12 subsidiaries and 3 production plants.

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Sipcam Pacific Australia Pty Ltd

Sipcam Australia is a leading supplier of farm chemicals to rural Australia.

With global economies of scale in manufacture and a highly efficient distribution network, Sipcam brings a new level of value to the crop protection market.

Value is further enhanced by ongoing investments in new formulation and delivery technologies designed to improve product performance and profitability.

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Sumitomo Chemical Australia

Sumitomo Chemical Australia was established in 1998 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Co, Japan. We work to develop, register and market products for crop protection, household insecticides, environmental health and professional pest control for use in Australia and New Zealand.
We have a team of eight sales and technical support staff based in key agricultural production regions of Australia with particular focus on horticulture and cotton production. Our head office, in Sydney houses our customer service, marketing, product development and regulatory staff.

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S Kidman & Co

S. Kidman & Co Ltd is one of Australia's largest beef producers with a herd of 185,000 cattle. The company has pastoral leases covering 101,000 square kilometres in three states and the Northern Territory. Kidman cattle stations produce grass-fed beef for export to Japan, the USA and South East Asia.
In the spirit of its founder, rural innovator Sir Sidney Kidman, the company is constantly striving to find better ways to do business. Sir Sidney helped pioneer the first Australian frozen beef and mutton exports.

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Landpower Australia

Landpower is one of the largest privately owned farm machinery distributors in Australasia. In Australia, Landpower has a growing network of branded CLAAS Harvest Centres and independent dealers.
The company has been operating for over 35 years, and during that time it has gained exclusive distribution rights to some of the world’s best brands of farm machinery. Landpower offers farmers and contractors a high quality alternative to the multi-national companies that offer only one brand of machines for the many different farming activities. Unlike single brand companies, Landpower has hand-picked its partners from a range of premier manufacturers that specialise and lead the world in machines that have been developed for specific farming activities. As an example, Landpower has selected CLAAS for tractors and harvesting equipment, AMAZONE for spraying and fertilising equipment and Grimme for potato harvesting. This means that farmers and contractors can be confident that every machine offered by Landpower will be the best available for their individual requirements.

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Riverina Australia Ltd

Riverina is a premier supplier of animal feed for the agriculture industry and a leading exporter of grain and protein meals to South East Asia, the Pacific rim and other export markets.

Our commitment to supplying rural Australia with the highest quality products spans some 80 years. Through our research and development programmes and a sound 'in house' nutritional base we are able to implement new products to meet market requirements.

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Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

RIRDC is a statutory authority established by the Primary Industries and Energy Research and Development Act 1989 (PIERD Act).
The Corporation was established by the Australian Government to work with industry to invest in research and development for a more profitable, sustainable and dynamic rural sector.
The National and Rural Research Priorities of the Australian Government provide an over-arching framework for public investment in rural research and development. RIRDC investments are closely aligned with these priorities.

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Cotton Australia

Cotton Australia is the peak representative body for the Australian cotton growing industry, led by a Board of 10 cotton growers and ginners. Established in 1972 (as the Australian Cotton Foundation) Cotton Australia merged with the Australian Cotton Growers Research Association in 2008 to provide a united voice for cotton growers across research, stewardship, natural resource management and cotton production issues.

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GrainCorp Limited

GrainCorp Limited is a public company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in Australia. The company's core business is the receival and storage of grain and related commodities. It also provides logistics and markets these commodities.

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Ameropa Australia / Impact Fertilisers / Brown's Fertilisers

Ameropa Australia is well known in the Australian fertiliser industry for its brands Impact Fertilisers and Brown’s Fertilisers. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ameropa, a Swiss based international agri-business.
We are proud of our Australian heritage which has given Ameropa Australia its depth of knowledge in the local market. Equally important is the backing of an international parent company providing financial stability and expertise in world fertiliser markets.
Our Impact Fertilisers brand is a leading supplier of fertiliser products and services in Australia. With our significant infrastructure and storage capability, we have the capacity to supply a full range of fertiliser products, even during peak demand.
The Impact Fertilisers team prides itself on being responsive to the needs of our extensive dealer network and the farmers who use our products. We work with our customers to find the best solution, tailored to their needs.
Brown’s Fertilisers is our retail spreading business based in Gippsland with sites conveniently located in Maffra, Leongatha and Koo Wee Rup. With its global backing and local support from Impact Fertilisers, Brown’s Fertilisers is uniquely positioned to provide a high level of on-farm service for its clients and is known for delivering the right fertiliser at the right time.

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Macquarie Agricultural Funds Management

Macquarie Group is a leading provider of banking, financial, advisory, investment and funds management services. Our global operations include offices in the world's major financial centres.
We combine entrepreneurial drive with deep industry and regional expertise and robust risk management. This gives our clients and investors confidence, and allows us to deliver innovative products and services and strong investment returns.

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John Deere Limited (Australia)

John Deere and Company agricultural products, sold under the John Deere name, include tractors, combine harvesters, cotton harvesters, balers, planters/seeders, sprayers, and UTVs. The company is also a manufacturer of construction equipment and forestry equipment, as well as a supplier of diesel engines and drivetrains (axles, transmissions, gearboxes) used in heavy equipment.
Additionally, John Deere manufactures equipment used in lawn, grounds, and turf care, such as walk-behind lawn mowers, zero-turn lawn mowers, lawn tractors, and snowthrowers. To support the core businesses, John Deere also provides financial services and other related activities.

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Grains Research & Development Corporation

The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is one of the world's leading grains research organisations, responsible for planning, investing in and overseeing RD&E to deliver improvements in production, sustainability and profitability across the Australian grains industry.
The GRDC's primary objective is to drive the discovery, development and delivery of world-class innovation to enhance the productivity, profitability and sustainability of Australian grain growers and benefit the industry and the wider community.

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redhanded Communications Group

redhanded is a leader in rural and regional
consumer communications.

We execute insightful, strategic, digital and media strategies across all media platforms with engaging creativity for some of the biggest brands in regional and rural Australia.

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Rimfire Resources

Rimfire Resources delivers people, information and business improvement solutions across chosen niche markets. We focus on providing the best innovative and market driven human resources solutions to meet our customer needs.

Our Vision: To deliver leadership through the provision of commercial and innovative human resources solutions to our chosen niche markets.

With offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Partners in NZ, Rimfire is well placed to assist companies and organisations with their people, information and business improvement requirements.

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Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

The Australian Department of Agriculture's role is to develop and implement policies and programs that ensure Australia's agricultural, fisheries, food and forestry industries remain competitive, profitable and sustainable.

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Primary Industries Education Foundation

The Primary Industries Education Foundation is a tripartite not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, formed through the collaboration of the Australian Government, primary industries organisations and the education sector.

Primary Industries Education Foundation's vision is to be the preferred provider on credible, relevant and factual information on all matters relating to agriculture, fisheries and forestry for Australia's teachers, students and the community.

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