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Young Farming Champions

Cotton Australia annually sponsors a number of enthusiastic young people farming cotton or working in the industry to participate in the Art4Agriculture Young Farming Champions Program.
The program provides excellent personal development opportunities for Young Farming Champions and will see  YFCs meet school students to help promote a greater understanding and appreciation of agriculture and cotton including issues around sustainability, natural resource management, innovation and the relationship between the consumer and the farmer.
The Young Farming Champions program aims to create an Australia-wide network of enthusiastic young farming professionals and build their capacity to promote Australian agriculture as a dynamic, innovative, rewarding and vibrant industry.  The project will train a young farmers from rural Australia to represent their local food or fibre industry and actively engage with students in their local schools using  Art4Agriculture programs as a platform.
Applications will be sought in November. The program starts in January.


Outstanding young people farming cotton or working in the industry (potentially while still studying).

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