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Important tips for internship applications

It’s important when applying for internships, through this site or in any other way, to treat the application as if you were applying for a job. You need to include a cover letter and a resume, not just your resume on its own. Also it is critical to tailor your cover letter to the position. We know that many of your resumes may be light on relevant work experience, that is the reason for you application in the first place. But try to explain why the sills in the roles you have fulfilled might be transferrable to the role you are applying for.

The companies that are providing the internships or work experience take just as much time considering your application as they would a permanent position. You need to spend some time making sure your application is the best it can be and that it is specific to their company.

The University of Melbourne has posted a video to YouTube that features a number of alumni relating their experiences of applying for graduate positions, it contains some great tips you could benefit from. Watch it here.