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DAF Hermitage Schools Plant Science Competition registration now open!

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) Hermitage Research Facility (HRF) Schools Plant Science Competition offers engaging ways for students to gain understanding and skills in key areas identified within the Australian Science Curriculum. Encouraging the next generation of people who will be involved with agriculture as scientists or as farmers is crucial to how we will face the future and is a key purpose of the Plant Science Competition.

Open to P-12 students Australia wide and with free registration, the 2019 competition will focus on ‘Pest Invaders’ and will give students a chance to win $1000 towards tertiary education, $1000 ‘conference’ awards, $500 subscription to scientific journals, $500 ‘TASTE Camp’ scholarships, $500 ‘International Agricultural Science’ awards, $450 ‘FEAST Camp’ scholarships, $200 ‘Outstanding Poster’ awards, art packs, trophies, certificates and more!

The competition consists of two sections, one the ‘Plant Science Project Awards’ and two the ‘Art in AgRiculTure Awards’ with activities linked to the national science curriculum.  You can participate in either section, or both, and it’s open to all students from years P-12 Australia wide.

Plant Science Project Awards:

Mandatory tasks (all year levels):

Task1:    Perform an experimental investigation on your choice of either (1) insects, (2) weeds or (3) plant diseases (disease spores and barley seeds provided) and submit a scientific report and science journal detailing your research and findings (step-by-step experiment instructions for each experiment will be provided)

Task 2:   Submit a poster about an invasive pest detailing how/why it was introduced, the impact it has on our native environment (with a focus on Australian agriculture) and what measures are in place to help eradicate or control the pest

Mandatory task (years 7-12 only), optional for primary students:

Task 3:   Communicate (via a poster, PowerPoint or video) how an invasive pest has or could have an impact on international agriculture and global food security and what measures are in place to help control the spread of exotic pests

Art in AgRiculTure Awards:

All year levels:

Task:      Create a freehand artwork (e.g. advertisement or poster) with the aim to educate your peers on how they can help stop the spread of invasive pests.

To register, please provide your name, email, school name, postal address, year level(s) and estimated number of students participating (via the on-line registration form, email or phone):



07 4542 6700

Competition opens 29 January 2019 and closes 28 June 2019.