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City square turns farm in virtual event

CITY slickers would have been forgiven for thinking that Martin Place looked and smelt a little different this week, with cattle, sheep and farmers descending on the busy Sydney square.

As part of an innovative campaign by Target 100, Martin Place transformed from the usual concrete jungle into a virtual farm, complete with livestock, bushland and paddocks yesterday for the two-day event.

Completing the set-up was several farmers beamed onto a large screen to talk to passers-by about sustainable cattle and sheep farming in a bid to bridge the gap between urban and country Australia.

And if the shock of seeing animals in the city didn’t work to draw people in and get them thinking about where their food comes from, there was always the free barbecue.

Cheyenne the Angus heifer and the several lambs didn’t seem at all fazed by the sausages and steaks sizzling away.

Target 100 is an initiative of Australia’s cattle and sheep producers to advance sustainable practices and ensure a sustainable food supply for generations to come.

Ambassadors were also on hand to chat about why beef and lamb are an important part of a healthy and sustainable diet and giving consumers the chance to ask the farmers about the practices that go into farming the beef and lamb.

Target 100 spokesperson and Queensland beef cattle farmer Kara Knudsen said she believed people would be surprised to find out what actually goes into managing a farm.

“It’s not just about mustering cattle or shearing sheep; it’s a full-time job that requires knowledge of botany, hydrology, geology, entomology, zoology and meteorology,” she said.

“We’re excited to give our city friends a sneak peek into what we do.”

If you’re in Sydney today, you’re not too late to join in the fun. The event runs all day, with the last major session at 5-7pm to catch the city slickers retreating from the concrete jungle.

Source: Kondinin Group http://www.kondiningroup.com.au/StoryView.asp?StoryID=9643916&ns=BreakingNews