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Are you the next WoolProducers Youth Ambassador ?

WoolProducers Australia have noticed a gap in Australian wool industry representation and have decided to address this gap with their new program, Raising the Baa.

The Raising the Baa Program will provide an innovative and supportive environment for wool industry leaders to develop and refine their leadership skills in order to contribute to the ongoing capacity and capability building within industry. Through the program current and future leaders within the wool industry will gain tools to develop policy and strategy in a complex and challenging environment.

The program will ensure that these leaders are equipped to communicate this information to, and on behalf of industry, government and other key stakeholders. This will result in a robust, innovative and sustainable Australian wool industry.

WoolProducers are currently taking nominations for the WoolProducers Australia Youth Ambassador position.

The ambassadorship is for those aged 18-35 who have an enthusiasm for the wool industry and are active in any sector of the wool supply chain.
This ambassadorship provides a young person with the opportunity to join the WoolProducers Board as an observer for a 12-month period. The opportunity will provide exposure and experience to young people who have an interest in industry capacity building, leadership, policy development and agri-politics in general. WoolProducers meets quarterly and all travel and accommodation expenses will be covered.

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